The newest
segment of BSE
Your company can be traded simultaneously on the regulated markets in Bulgaria and Germany.
EuroBridge allows access to the global investors.

Our goal is to help you grow your company through global funding and growth.
New opportunities for growth
Greater visibility and trust among investors
Easy access to global capital
Market valuation and liquidity
Easier to attract talent to the team
Main characteristics
Procedure for simultaneous listing on the markets in Bulgaria and Germany
Trading is done in EUR via the Xetra T7® trading platform
The issue is registered in the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) systems
Corporate events are announced simultaneously in BGN and EUR, and payments for them are made in EUR
The issuer discloses regulated information to the public both in Bulgarian and in English
Steps and rules
BSE Issuer
Private company
Consult with BSE experts
Choosing an investment intermediary
English translation
Passportization of the prospectus