FSC is a government body that regulates not only the capital market but also the insurance, health-insurance and the pension-insurance markets.

Regulatory Authorities

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) is a government bodyáthat regulates not only the capital market but also theáinsurance, health-insuranceáand theápension-insurance markets. The FSC was established in 2003 as an independent institutionáthat is directlyáreporting to the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.áThe scope of its activity, structureáand operation are settled by the Financial Supervision Commission Act.

The Investment Activity Supervision Department of the FSC regulates and controls:

Where performingáits functions and legally provided powers,áthe primary mission of the Financial Supervision Commissionáis to maintainástability and transparency on the non-banking financial sector and to ensure protection of the consumers of financial services and products.