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07-03-2018 - Invitation and materials for a GSM

Company: Bulgarian Private Equity Fund AD-Sofia (BPT)
BSE-Sofia has received the materials of the appointed extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Bulgarian Private Equity Fund AD-Sofia (BPT) as follows:
Bulgarian Private Equity Fund AD has appointed an extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 10 April 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in the city of Sofia at 19 George Washington St., floor 1, under the following agenda:
- Increase in capital of the company
Draft resolution: Increase in capital of the company from BGN 3,325,006 to BGN 9,975,018 through a public offering of 6,650,012 new common, registered, dematerialised and voting shares of BGN 1.00 nominal and issuing value per share in pursuance of Art. 192 (1) and Art. 194 (1) of the Commerce Act and of Art. 112 et seq. of the POSA. The increase in capital shall be considered a success if at least 500,000 new shares are underwritten and paid up.
One right will be issued per every existing share enabling its holder to subscribe to two (2) new shares having an issuing value per share of BGN 1.00. Everyone may subscribe to such number of shares equal to the number of acquired and/or held rights multiplied by 2.
Election of Capman AD to be the investment intermediary administering the offering of shares of the increase.
Authorisation of the Board of Directors to specify the procedure and all other terms and conditions of the capital increase including to approve a prospectus of the public offering of shares and to take all necessary factual and legal steps connected to the implementation of the capital increase decision.
- Amendments to the Statutes of the company
Draft resolution: Updating Art. 6 (1) of the Statutes with regard to the new share capital of the company
- In the absence of a quorum, the GMS will be held on 25 April 2018 at 10:00 a.m., at the same place and under the same agenda.
The voting right will be entitled to all shareholders registered with the Central Depository fourteen (14) days prior to the GMS date, i.e. by 27 March 2018 (Record Date).
The final date for transacting shares of this company on BSE-Sofia, as a result of which the holders will be entitled to exercise their voting right at the GMS, will be 23 March 2018 (Ex Date: 26 March 2018).
The entire notice and the GMS materials are available on the website of the Exchange.