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13-02-2018 - Instruments that meet the requirements of Art. 8, para. 1, item 1 of Ordinance #16 of FSC

With regard to the provisions of Art. 8, paragraph 1, item 1 of Ordinance #16 of FSC, on 14.02.2018 the following financial instruments may be pledged as collateral for margin trades and short sales:
Code Name Value Traded days Avg. number of trades Free float
4CF CB Central Cooperative Bank AD-Sofia 36329.50 20 27.65 17.14
3JR Sopharma AD-Sofia 24863.85 20 20.05 21.98
6C4 Chimimport AD-Sofia 150039.75 20 73.75 20.93
13-02-2018 - Insider information

Company: HypoCredit AD-Sofia (9RTE)
BSE-Sofia has received a notice under Art. 100g (2) of the POSA from CB United Bulgarian Bank AD in the latter's capacity of a trustee of the holders of bonds issued by HypoCredit AD-Sofia (9RTE), ISIN BG2100018089, regarding a non-compliance with the obligations of the issuer, namely:
- A default under the agreement for financial collateral by a pledge of receivables signed between CB United Bulgarian Bank AD and HypoCredit AD on 13 May 2016 in pursuance of the Financial Collateral Agreements Act.
The notice may be accessed via the website of the Exchange.
13-02-2018 - Financial and other reports (Semi-annual report of a bond issuer)

Company: CB Central Cooperative Bank AD-Sofia (4CFB)
BSE-Sofia has received a report under Art. 100b (3) of the POSA as at 31 December 2017 on the compliance with the terms and conditions of the bond loan issued by CB Central Cooperative Bank AD-Sofia (4CFB), ISIN BG2100019137.
The report may be accessed via the website of the Exchange.
13-02-2018 - Information by BSE-Sofia (Information by BSE-Sofia)

BSE-Sofia hereby notifies of the following:
In the XETRA trading system the trading currency of the instruments listed below has been incorrectly set to be BGN (Bulgarian levas):
- Expat Hungary BUX UCITS ETF, mnemonic: HUBE, ISIN BGHUBUX01189;
- Expat Slovenia SBI TOP UCITS ETF, mnemonic: SLQX, ISIN BGSLOBI02187;
- Expat Croatia CROBEX UCITS ETF, mnemonic: ECDC, ISIN BGCROEX03189;
- Expat Slovakia SAX UCITS ETF, mnemonic: SK9A, ISIN BGSKSAX04187.
The above-mentioned currency setting should be disregarded and the price of the entered bids and asks should have a value corresponding to the price of the respective instrument in Euro.
In this reference please note that as from 14 February 2018 the trading currency of these instruments will be re-set to be EUR.
13-02-2018 - Suspension from trading of registered financial instruments

Issuer: Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria/0.5 Gov 20190217 (BLKJ)
On the grounds of Art. 18 (2) in conjunction with Art. 18 (1) of Part I - Listing and Trading in Government Securities Rules of the BSE Rules and Regulations, the trading in the issue of government securities Bulgaria/0.5 Gov 20190217 of the Ministry of Finance (BSE code: BLKJ), ISIN BG2030016112, will be suspended by an order of the Director of Trading of BSE-Sofia for the trading session on 14.02.2018.
The reason for suspension from trading is the necessity to be determined the persons entitled to an interest payment on the issue on 17.02.2018 in pursuance of Art. 29 (1) of Ordinance No. 5 of the Ministry of Finance and the BNB of 04 October 2007 on the terms and conditions for acquisition, registration, payment and trading in government securities.