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03-01-2018 - Registration of financial instruments

The Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia has adopted the following decision at a session held under Record of Proceedings No. 1 of 03 January 2018:
With reference to an application submitted under Art. 20 (3) of Part III - Listing Rules and on the grounds of Art. 33 (8) thereof, the Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia amends the parameters of an issue of bonds admitted to trading on the Bonds Segment of the BSE Main Market as follows:
- Issuer: TEC Maritsa 3 AD-Dimitrovgrad (6TMA)
- ISIN of the issue: BG2100003131
- Date of maturity: 18 February 2021
- Final date of trading: 09 February 2021
- Interest rate valid for the extended period of the bond loan: 5.00% p.a.
- Semi-annual interest payment dates:
18 August 2018
18 February 2019
18 August 2019
18 February 2020
18 August 2020
18 February 2021
* The right to an interest payment will be entitled to all bondholders, who are registered as such not later than three (3) business days prior to the interest payment date respectively five (5) business days prior to the date of the last interest payment that coincides with the issue's maturity date.
- Date of registering the amendments to the issue's parameters: 08 January 2018