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19-06-2017 - Coupon Payment

Company: Power Logistics EAD-Etropole (P0W1)
Notification of the seventh interest payment on the bond issue of Power Logistics EAD with ISIN BG2100022131 due on 20 June 2017. The company will make the due interest payment amounting to BGN 232,112 within thirty (30) days following the interest payment date.
The entire piece of news is published on the financial website X3News.
19-06-2017 - Coupon Payment

In view of a notification about nonfulfilled interest (coupon) payment under the bond issue of Power Logistics EAD-Etropole (P0W1), ISIN BG2100022131, please, be hereby advised that as of 20 June 2017 the calculation of the accumulated interest on the bond issue of Power Logistics EAD (P0W1) shall be discontinued. Upon the entry of a clean price of 100% per bond, the "dirty" price shall equal BGN 1,000.
For further information, please contact the Trading Department of BSE-Sofia at the following telephone numbers: +359 2 937 09 33 or +359 2 937 09 42.