The section For the Shareholders systemizes in a convenient form all corporate information of BSE-Sofia.

For the Shareholders

The section systemizes in a convenient form all corporate information of BSE-Sofia.
"Shareholders' rights"sub-section gives a detailed information about the rights of BSE-Sofia's shareholders.
"General Shareholders' meeting"sub-section summarizes the information about the competence of the general meeting and the rules for its convocation. Documents related to the BSE-Sofia's shareholders meetings in the recent years are also available there.
In additionfinancial reports,newsandpublicationsdisclosed by BSE-Sofia can be found in the sub-section.

Corporate Governance

Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia complies with the Principles of Good Corporate Governance, laid down in theBulgarian National Code for Corporate Governance.

Investor Relations Director:Ivo Stankov
Tel: +359 2 937 0957

Latest Financial Report

Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia has published a consolidated quarterly financial report for the third quarter of 2017.


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Corporate Calendar

Latest News

Press release by BSE-Sofia
BSE-Sofia awarded the annual capital market development awards to the investment intermediaries with the highest results in 2017. The number of transactions on a regulated market for the past year increased by 36% YoY to 79,629. The turnover in 2017 grew by nearly 70% YoY to BGN 705 million.

Press release by BSE-Sofia
Today, 17 January 2018, the trade in four new index based exchange-traded funds began. They are: Expat Greece ASE UCITS ETF (ticker GRX), Expat Romania BET-BK UCITS ETF (ROX), Expat Poland WIG20 UCITS ETF (PLX), and Expat Czech PX UCITS ETF (CZX). The ETFs are set up by the management company Expat Asset Management. The new ETFs follow the movement of the main stock exchange indices in Greece, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Information by BSE-Sofia
BSE-Sofia hereby notifies that the quarterly bulletins containing statistical information about the BSE Main Market and the BaSE Alternative Market for the Fourth Quarter of year 2017 have been published on the websites of the BSE Main Market respectively BaSE Alternative Market.

Press release by BSE-Sofia
Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia has published its 2018 Corporate Events Calendar. The calendar is available at the About BSE -> For the Shareholders -> Corporate Calendar section of the BSE website. Please be advised, that the General meeting of shareholders date and the dates related thereto are indicative and shall be determined at a later time.

Information by BSE-Sofia
Notification by BSE-Sofia regarding the tick sizes applicable as of 02 January 2018

Information by BSE-Sofia
Notification of the tick-sizes to be applied as from 02 January 2018