Popularising the corporate governance principles and encouraging the public companies in Bulgaria to adopt them is a part of the long term policy of BSE-Sofia

Corporate Governance

Popularising the corporate governance principles and encouraging the public companies in Bulgaria to adopt them is a part of the long term policy of Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia for increasing the confidence of the domestic and international investors.

BSE-Sofia believes that the improvement of the corporate governance quality of the companies in Bulgaria is essential for strengthening their competitiveness and attracting foreign investors.

Documents of the National Corporate Governance Commission

Bulgarian Code For Corporate Governance
Rules for calculating the index of the companies having good corporate governanc

Therefore, BSE-Sofia was among the initiators and one of the most active participants in the development of the National Corporate Governance Code in 2006 and 2007. Over a period of one year a Task Force comprised of representatives from the Bulgarian business community, government and non-government organizations, and the academic community worked jointly to make the Code a reality. The final text of the Code included recommendations from Bulgarian and international experts. The National Corporate Governance Code was officially presented on 10 October 2007.

BSE-Sofia believes that the National Corporate Governance Code is a step forward in the establishment of contemporary rules and norms of the public companies management in Bulgaria. In that connection, on 17 October 2007 the Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia took a decision to adopt the National Corporate Governance Code, thus replacing the existing Corporate Governance Code of BSE-Sofia.

According to BSE-Sofia Rules and Regulations, issuers willing to be admitted to trading on the BSE Main Market, Premium Equities Segment, are obliged to carry out their activity in conformity with the National Corporate Governance Code, approved by the Exchange. Adoption and implementation of the Code by the companies, traded on the other markets and market segments, is recommendable and depends on their own choice.

List of the public companies that have declared to comply with the principles of the Bulgarian Code For Corporate Governance is available below:
Agria Group Holding AD-Varna
Agroenergy Invest REIT-Sofia
Agroenergy REIT-Sofia
Aktiv Properties REIT-Plovdiv
Albena AD-Albena
Alfa Property 1 REIT-Sofia /in liquidation/
Alteron REIT-Varna
Billboard AD-Sofia
Bulgarian River Shipping AD-Ruse
Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia
Bulvesta Holding AD-Sofia
CB Bulgarian American Credit Bank AD-Sofia
CB Central Cooperative Bank AD-Sofia
CB First Investment Bank AD-Sofia
CB Texim Bank AD-Sofia
CBA Asset Management AD-Veliko Tarnovo
Chimimport AD-Sofia
Doverie United Holding PLC-Sofia
Eurohold Bulgaria AD-Sofia
Euroterra Bulgaria AD-Sofia
FairPlay Properties REIT-Sofia
Fund Estates REIT-Sofia
Holding Nov Vek AD-Sofia
Holding Varna AD-Varna
Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC-Sofia
Intersky AD-Lesnovo
Investor.BG AD-Sofia
Katex AD-Kazanlak
Korado Bulgaria AD-Strazhitsa
Mayfair Group plc AD-Sofia
Mel Invest Holding AD-Sofia
Men Investment Group AD-Sofia
Momina Krepost AD-Veliko Tarnovo
Monbat AD-Sofia
Nash Dom Bulgaria Holding AD-Sofia
Odessos Shiprepair Yard AD-Varna
Oil and Gas Exploration and Production AD-Sofia
Petrol AD-Sofia
Primorsko club PLC-Primorsko
SAF Magellan AD-Sofia
Serdika Properties REIT-Sofia
Sirma Group Holding JSC-Sofia
Sopharma AD-Sofia
Sopharma Trading AD-Sofia
Sparky AD-Ruse
Sparky Eltos AD-Lovech
Speedy AD-Sofia
SS Konstantine And Elena Holding AD-Varna
Stara Planina Hold AD-Sofia
Svilosa AD-Svishtov
Synergon Holding AD-Sofia
Tech Park Optela AD-Plovdiv
Technology and Innovation Corporation AD-Plovdiv
Trace Group Hold AD-Sofia
Unipharm AD-Sofia
Varna-Plod AD-Varna
Velgraf Asset Management AD-Sofia